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Purchase & Sale of Businesses

Purchase & Sale of Businesses

Bowen & Logan, PLLC represents clients with the purchase and sale of businesses of all sizes, in all industries. Our experienced business attorneys handle all of the various types of related transactions, from asset and stock acquisitions to mergers and spin-offs. Every transaction involving the purchase and sale of businesses is unique and, as such, contains its own set of potential legal, financial and tax ramifications that must be evaluated and resolved. Even supposedly simple transactions can quickly turn complicated.

Our attorneys work closely with clients in every area throughout the transactional process to meet their goals in a way that promotes their best interests. Our business-oriented approach organizes each transaction into distinct stages.

Business Transaction Stages

In a typical business transaction, these stages include the following:

  • Review current operational structure and personnel of business to evaluate readiness for the transaction, including inspecting books and records and examining assets to be made part of transaction such as real estate and equipment.
  • Determine the appropriate legal entity, if necessary, to be party to the transaction.
  • Negotiate the terms and conditions of the transaction, which process often includes drafting a letter of intent and/or non-disclosure agreement.
  • Conduct extensive due diligence of other parties involved to confirm their representations, identify points of contention, and assess deficiencies to be remedied before closing.
  • Evaluate and address potential regulatory compliance issues.
  • Draft comprehensive transactional documents, including but not limited to purchase agreement, bill of sale, closing certificate, post-closing lease agreement, post-closing employment agreement for any principals involved, and the like.
  • Negotiate with other parties involved to finalize documents and close the transaction.

Experienced Business Acquisition and Valuation Lawyers

Our business attorneys can also assist clients with valuation to determine a purchase or sale price. If necessary, we can assist in marketing the business to qualified buyers. We deal with a number of business and professional practice brokers and placement agencies.

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