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Medical & Dental Practice Attorneys

Medical & Dental Practice Attorneys

The medical and dental practice attorneys at Bowen & Logan, PLLC provide comprehensive services to healthcare practitioners from all disciplines, including dentistry and all of its specialties, medicine and all of its specialties, podiatric medicine, optometry, veterinary medicine, and other providers in every type of practice arrangement, from solo practices to large groups.

The transactional services offered by our medical and dental practice attorneys cover a broad range of needs for dental and medical practices, such as practice sales and acquisitions, equity interest buy-ins, new practice formation, practice expansion (including multi-entity and multi-discipline organizations with centralized management systems), general practice management, associate agreements, restrictive covenants, lease and vendor related matters, hospital contracts, and resolution of practice disputes. We represent professionals from all stages of their careers, from those newly licensed to those in the twilight of their careers, and everyone in between.

Conforming to Regulations

Dental and medical practices must operate within a constantly changing landscape of federal and state governmental regulations and requirements. There are very specific rules that healthcare practitioners must follow to establish their practices and manage ongoing practice operations, including Medicare, Medicaid, Stark regulations, and the like. Such regulations may, for example, dictate how the business entity may be owned and by whom, how the business may be named or where it may operate, or what types of business arrangements practitioners may have with other providers, such as surgical centers, outside of their practices. Our knowledge and experience in this area ensures that our clients avoid regulatory pitfalls and stay informed on the latest changes.

Unfortunately, healthcare practitioners must also defend themselves from time to time against complaints brought by patients or other individuals with their respective professional governing boards. A serious accusation can put a practitioner’s career and practice in jeopardy. Our expertise in dental and medical practice representation allows us to capably defend our healthcare practitioner clients in such actions.

Dental and Medical Attorney Practice Areas

To these ends, our menu of medical and dental practice services include the following:

  • Entity Selection, Formation and Structuring
  • Organizational Agreements (Shareholders’ Agreement, Operating Agreement, etc.)
  • Practice Sales and Acquisitions
  • Full- and Part-Time Agreements for Employees and Independent Contractors
  • Practice Management Agreements
  • Commercial Lease Agreements
  • Office Space and Expense Sharing Arrangements
  • Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Enforceability of Restrictive Covenants
  • Federal and State Regulatory Analysis and Compliance
  • Defense in Professional Board Matters
  • Practice Succession and Transition Planning
  • Practice-Related Litigation and Dispute Resolution
  • Practice Dissolution

We understand that each type of practice presents its own unique set of characteristics and challenges. With more than forty years of experience advising dental and medical professionals, we are exceptionally qualified to handle these matters. By securing our services, healthcare practitioners are free to focus their attention where it belongs; on building and maintaining successful dental and medical practices.

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